Lava Bead Diffuser Bracelets for Physical & Emotional Well-Being

Lava Stone is considered to have great healing properties that carry energy that can play a key role in our health and well-being.  As it's origin comes from the  core of the earth  and the energy of fire, it symbolizes rebirth. Also known for it's stabilizing, grounding and calming properties, it is commonly used  to help with stress, anxiety, depression and overall energy levels as well as our state of mind. In addition, it is also known to carry uplifting and energizing properties. Wearing lava bead bracelets combined with the use of therapeutic grade essential oils and healing gemstones allows us to benefit even more so, as they both have powerful healing properties found  from nature and our earth. Adults and children can both benefit from the use of lava beads with essential oils. There are also diffuser products and essential oils specifically made for our pets so that they too can benefit from the healing properties.  Learn more on how to use  with your pets and for safety guidelines today.


*Please contact KC for more information about products and her Custom-Made Lava Bead Bracelet designs. The perfect Gifts for family, friends and special occasions!  As well as a Great way to Help raise Awareness for a special Cause or Charity close to your Heart!



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